Jordan Carlton – Game programmerJordan IYM
Magic Leap / Weta Workshop
Bachelor of Science (Psychology)
Summer of Tech intern

I went to school at Wellington Girls College and had an aptitude for Psychology that I was able to study in year 12 and 13 (not many schools offered this subject at the time) and that led me to completing a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington.

During my time at university, I also completed a year and a half's worth of computer science and maths papers as well as some design papers when I decided I wanted to apply my Psychology and Computer Science skills to the games industry. I wanted to build these psychological paradigms into games rather than tell others to.

I got into the IT industry as a software developer through placements via Wellington's Summer of Tech programme that meant I could work through my University summer breaks and get real world experience. Some of these placements involved prototyping an AI system for business application, front and back end software development and sticking my nose into UI and UX where I could.

I currently work at Magic Leap/Weta Workshop as a game programmer working on AI loving the work that I do and the game development community that Wellington game devs have developed.

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