Katie Jones – 3D Geology TechnicianKatie Jones 3D geology technician online
GNS Science
Bachelor of Science (Geography and Geology)
Master of Science (Physical Geography)

I make digital maps and models of geological information, including the strata (rock layers) making up the ground beneath our feet. These 3D models are important because they help us to understand the properties of the land on which our cities and towns are built. Knowing about what the ground is made of helps us to predict how it will behave during events such as large earthquakes – if it's silt and below the water table then it has the potential to liquefy under strong ground-shaking.

I actually wanted to be a vet when I was growing up! But I loved Geography at school and decided to do the subjects I enjoyed at university. I wanted a career that was varied and involved fieldwork to places which you often don’t get to visit.

I went to Wellington Girls’ College and St Oran’s College and took Biology, Classics, Geography, History, Sciences in my final year before heading to Victoria University of Wellington where I completed a Bachelor’s degree and then Masters of Science.

I work in a great team with people who are passionate about what they do. I learn something new from every project.

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