Monica Preece - Operations ManagerMonica Preece
Nuevo Technology
Diploma in Design and Development (Mechanical Engineering)

For Monica Preece, being an architect was what she'd always wanted to do and she spent two years at university studying architecture and building science before realising it wasn't for her.

“At high school the focus was on promoting university training, which is such a shame because there are so many other options, like polytech, or doing a trade, that weren’t talked about.

“I felt incredible pressure about deciding to leave university when I decided that architecture wasn’t for me. There were limited training options for Mechanical Engineering around Wellington at that time, which was the discipline I wanted to study going forward. High school had put a lot of emphasis on university training and I felt worried about my decision.”

She found her calling at WelTec studying design and development in mechanical engineering — starting her career the day she got chatting to Steve Robinson, who became her business partner, about her desire for a job where she could soak up information, learn and grow her skills.

Nuevo Technology is a specialist research and development engineering company working on environmentally-friendly water solutions based on ultra-high pressure /low volume (UHP/LV) water jet technology.

One of their recent programmes was trialling, in partnership with Hutt City Council, their concept prototype pavement preservation vehicle.

“The truck was designed to remove bleeding bitumen off the road through automation, without damaging the integrity of the road itself. Trialling the prototype was all about perfecting the performance of the vehicle through observations and problem solving with a mixture of science and engineering.

“Our aim is to provide practical solutions that are also environmentally-friendly technologies.”

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